4 Vital Reasons Your Home Needs Quality Gutters

Apr 03, 2024

blue home with white gutters in Minneapolis

Home protection is a multifaceted endeavor, with many passive systems working hard to ensure the longevity of your property’s materials. Among these, the indispensable role of a gutter system cannot be overstated! 

Let’s dive into the reasons why your home deserves a reliable gutter system.

1. New Gutters Can Protect Your Home

Water infiltration is the most common source of damage to a home. While your roofing, siding, doors, and windows fend off moisture, gutters emerge as the unsung heroes in this defense. Gutters work in conjunction with your roofing system to control water and move it away from the home, preventing potential damage. 

But their duty doesn’t end there. With strategically extended downspouts, gutters ensure that water is efficiently whisked away from the foundation, safeguarding your home from the perils of moisture damage.

2. New Gutters Can Provide Safety to You 

The more water you can divert from your home through a proper gutter system, the less likely it is for that water to contribute to mold growing on or around your home. 

While many of the exterior materials on your home (roofs, windows, siding, etc.) are designed to keep moisture out, it’s not ideal for prolonged periods of water collecting around the home. Mold and mildew thrive in high humidity, and if gutters are not a part of your home’s roofing system, this can lead to opportunities for mold spores to degrade the integrity of your home. Over time, prolonged exposure to direct rainfall coming off a roof can also damage concrete sidewalks and driveways as well. 

Another advantage of investing in high-quality gutters becomes apparent during temperature fluctuations, particularly when transitioning between above and below freezing. A well-designed gutter system effectively prevents ice buildup along roof edges, channeling it away instead. This not only mitigates the risk of slipping or tripping hazards but also ensures safer conditions around your home during icy conditions.

3. New Gutters Can Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics

While it may seem insignificant, the manner in which water cascades off your rooflines can significantly impact your home’s visual appeal. Without a proper gutter system in place, unchecked water runoff can result in unsightly drip lines, causing erosion in your meticulously landscaped lawns and gardens.

Also, the splashing of dirt onto your exterior walls not only detracts from the beauty of your home but also necessitates frequent cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the pooling of water around your property can lead to the gradual deterioration of your landscaping features, potentially harming vibrant plants and flowers that contribute to your home’s charm.

4. New Gutters Can Save You Money & Time

For most people, a home will be the biggest single investment purchase in their lifetime. Gutters, on the other hand, are one of the most affordable systems you can use to protect your home. Not only do gutters help keep water out of and away from your home, but with a proper gutter guard, they can be an incredibly low maintenance option that sometimes provides additional warranties.

If you have existing gutters that are more than ten years old, you’ll likely find that there have been many improvements made since then. For example, seamless aluminum gutters that don’t leak or corrode are commonplace now. 

In addition to this, you can make gutters even more low maintenance by adding gutter guards like LeaFree, which are low profile, cost effective, and reliable.

New Gutters Truly Make a Difference to Your Home

Whether you have older gutters, or need a whole new proper gutter system, then Lutgen is your local Central Minnesota expert for all your home’s exterior needs! Contact us today for a free estimate. See all the cities we offer gutter installation services in!