Blown-In Insulation Services in St. Cloud, MN

Blown-In Attic Insulation

Blown-in insulation is also referred to as “blow-in” or “blown” insulation. This is because the insulation is actually “blown into” empty spaces or on top of the old insulation that you’re looking to improve. This is a fast and easy way to improve the energy performance of your home.

Lutgen Companies installs both fiberglass and expanding-foam insulation in homes throughout the St. Cloud, MN area. Blown fiberglass and ceiling-penetrating expanding foam are both “fluffy” insulation materials with similar R-values.

Blown fiberglass can be installed directly over existing attic insulation, providing that this older insulation is in good condition.

If you haven’t yet made this energy-saving investment, it’s definitely worth doing. Once it’s complete, there’s no maintenance to worry about. An insulation upgrade is a one-and-done improvement you’ll enjoy for as long as you own your house.

Fiberglass and Blown-In Insulation for Your Home

Lutgen Companies proudly offers a home energy audit to properly evaluate which areas of your home are the source of your comfort and energy problems. Once identified, we will provide the best solutions. We offer estimates for the use of both fiberglass and cellulose blown-in insulation:

  • Fiberglass blown-in insulation — Blown fiberglass insulation is very similar to the fiberglass insulation manufactured as rolls or batts. New blown fiberglass insulation can usually be applied directly over existing insulation. In the end, you’ll have a thick, fluffy blanket of high-quality insulation that will make a dramatic difference in comfort and HVAC costs.
  • Air sealing, expanding foam — Ceiling penetrations with expanding foam cover every nook and cranny that can allow air to escape or enter.


Insulation Services You Can Count On

At Lutgen Companies, we take pride in offering our customers best-in-class products that are designed for our local climate. But just like anything else, the product will only perform as designed only when properly installed. Thankfully, with decades of experience under our belts, we are insulation experts. With our professional technicians on the job, your home will be warm and cozy in Minnesota winters, and energy-efficient in the heat of summer.

Lutgen Companies will help you choose the right type of blown-in insulation for your home. Contact us today to schedule your home insulation inspection and free estimate.

“We have had Lutgen's for several jobs and have been uniformly impressed with their excellent professional and ethical approach to the situation with reasonable prices.”

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“Lutgen replaced our roofing on both our house and detached garage and also the siding on our home and installed to new sliding doors. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They did an outstanding job at both work they did and cleaning up after construction. Would highly recommend them. A+ ”

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