CONSTRUCTION Gutter Supervisor

  Date Revised                                 

 Supervisor Approved                                

H.R. Approved                                 


Position Title:              Construction Gutter Foreman

Supervisor:                  CEO & General Manager and Production Manager

Location:                     Waite Park, MN

Classification:              Non-Exempt


    1. Coaching on all products and processes
    2. Hands on training in each specific trade roofing, siding, gutters, windows and related services
    3. Living and teaching work smart & safety
    4. Other Duties as Assigned


  2. Coaching on all products and processes
  1. Product and installation training in gutters.
  2. Review and train all company and work-related processes.

Lead by example by attending all company meetings and training sessions to gain knowledge and experience.

  1. Show your willingness to work a flexible schedule that may include evenings and weekends.


  1. Hands on training in exterior products and related services:
  1. Teaching the proper use and safe way to operate a variety of hand and power tools.
  2. Lead the cross-training of exterior products and related services.
  3. Share the proper way to load and unload construction supplies from trucks and storage areas as needed.


  1. Work smart & safe:
    1. Teach how to maintain a safe and clean job site by handling materials and storing them properly, picking up and removing all tools and equipment when not in use and securing the job site daily.
    2. Follow and teach all safety procedures and how to report all incidents immediately to your lead/foreman.


  1. Other Duties as Assigned
  1. Contributes to the team effort by teaching all other duties needed to successfully complete all work tasks.
  2. Coach and share the importance of attendance in order to perform the necessary functions for our positions.
  3. Responsible for delivery of all required company equipment, materials and tools to the job site daily.
  4. Responsible for maintaining and keeping all company equipment and tools in proper working condition.


  2. Education/Knowledge:
  3. High school diploma or GED.
  4. Valid driver’s license.
  5. Construction industry knowledge desired, especially in gutters


  1. Experience:
  2. 3+ year experience in the construction industry, preferably installing gutters.
  3. Equivalent education, training and/or related work experience.


  1. Manual Skills:
    1. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    2. Ability to interact and work with others.
    3. Computer skills for reading and inputting job specifications/status
    4. Ability to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis and 100 pounds occasionally.
    5. Coaching and teaching skills
    6. Brainstorming and problem-solving skills.


  1. Supervision Received:
  2. Reporting to the CEO/General Manager and Production Manager who sets goals, objectives, and strategies for job completion.


  1. Confidentiality:
  2. The responsibility for the safeguarding and non-disclosure of all proprietary information. Any information that is pertinent to personal work aspects such as salaries, promotions, etc., is confidential and individually proprietary. 


  1. Contacts:
  2. Responsibility is primarily customers and coworkers. It is your use of tact and judgment that is helpful when working with these individuals both directly and indirectly in the field by way of giving professional advice/guidance which is a normal requirement for this position. 



  1. Job Pressure/Pace:
  2. Requires a tremendous amount of personal energy, people contact, and management skills, so pressures exist.
  3. Ability to manage a large number of items in an effective manner is absolutely critical as is a large amount and frequency of travel on a consistent basis.


  1. Time Spent Sitting/Standing/Driving for Work Conditions:
  2. Extensive Standing (90%) the majority of your work day will consist of walking and standing.

“Their crew was very respectful of home and yard. They are always polite and courteous. All questions answered with respect.”

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“Their crew was very respectful of home and yard. They are always polite and courteous. All questions answered with respect.”

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