Is it time to replace your siding?

May 23, 2019

Are you noticing you’re heating and cooling bills varying drastically in the summer or winter months? If you have noticed this increase but your daily lives are still typically the same this could be a sign that your siding is letting all the cold or hot air out. If your siding and insulation are old they may not be performing well and costing you extra money in the process.

Another sign of your siding needing to be replaced is rotting, warped boards or chipped, peeling paint. With rotting and warped boards on your house it is something that you can see when you do a simple visual inspection of the exterior of your home. If you walk around your house and see areas that are warped or disintegrating away and they feel soft to the touch it may be time to replace the siding before it gets worse. With peeling and chipped paint this is also a sign that your siding has had years of exposure to outdoor elements and isn’t doing its best job anymore. Instead of painting this siding repeatedly it may be time to save up and replace the whole thing.

Mold & Mildew can also damage your siding and show you signs that it may be time to call your contractor. Mold and mildew typically grow on your home when the water gets trapped in the siding and the seams. The mold or mildew can grow when that water slowly releases from the seams. This isn’t always a sign your siding needs to be replaced but if it’s constantly growing and you can’t seem to get rid of it, then it may be time to replace your siding.

Nature can also cause some damage with harsh winds or even the occasional pesky woodpecker. When we get harsh winds sometimes branches or other debris can fly into your siding and cause dents and damage. Birds can also ruin your siding by chipping away at it or building nests in areas that can cause lifting towards your roof. No matter what the case, if you think your siding needs to be replaced you should call your contractor to come take a look.

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